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“To become whole, enterprises must embrace a holistic, collaborative way of design:
transcending silos, combining perspectives, looking for connections instead of divisions. An enterprise designed together works better together.”

– Bard Papegaaij, Wolfgang Goebl and Milan Guenther, curators of EDGY 23

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What is an enterprise?

Wolfgang Goebl explains what "enterprise" means for purposes of design and architecture.

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What is Enterprise Design?

Milan Guenther about the practice of Enterprise Design, or the collaborative design of enterprises.

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What is EDGY?

Wolfgang Goebl introduces EDGY, the Open Source tool for Enterprise Design.

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What tools can you use to design enterprises with EDGY?

Milan Guenther about tool support for mapping, modelling and co-creating with EDGY.

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What’s the difference to existing Enterprise Architecture languages?

Wolfgang Goebl points out key differences between EDGY and existing architectural modelling languages.

What’s the difference to established design and architecture fields?

Milan Guenther relates Enterprise Design with EDGY to Organisation and Service Design, and to Business Design and Architecture.

Artwork credits: Colorem — a generative artwork by Fabio Catapano illustrating the EDGY Enterprise Design Facets, reproduced with the artist's permission.