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An object we need and use to perform our capabilities.


Enterprises need to develop, buy and manage a broad range of tangible or intangible assets (such as buildings, machines, raw materials, software applications, financial assets and know-how) to perform the capabilities needed to run their business. Assets as a concept are rooted in economics, strategic management and finance. Buying assets from suppliers connects the enterprise to its supply chain.

Asset Map

EDGY Asset Map / Application Architecture

Depicting link relationships. Also known as Application Architecture.


  • A railroad maintenance company requires fuel and gravel, and operates power lines and tracks.
  • A freelance legal adviser works with contracts, legal texts and court decisions.
  • A public healthcare provider operates with hospital buildings, medical records, and planning systems.
  • An air traffic control organisation runs applications and databases to track flights, airlines and airports.


  • Build new capabilities from existing assets.
  • Know your existing assets and build up new ones to improve capabilities.
  • Measure the cost of running a process by summing up the costs of required assets.
  • Manage the procurement and logistics of assets.
  • Store data in applications that can later be used as an asset in a capability.

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