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The events and activities people experience in their lives.


A journey describes what a person does, feels, thinks, or otherwise experiences over time as they live a specific portion of their life, in particular when interacting with our enterprise. It is captured as a simplified sequential and chronological representation of activities and events people experience, and tasks they want to accomplish. Journeys are commonly documented using a storytelling format, describing a slice of life of an exemplary person or persona. Aspects that are typically captured are motivation, activities, tasks, channels of interaction, physical or digital environments, emotional states, first-hand observations and analytics data related to the journey.

Journey Map

EDGY Journey Map / Customer Journey Map / User Journey Map

Depicting a flow relationship. Also known as Customer Journey Map or User Journey Map.


  • A traveller goes through a journey of making travel plans, booking tickets and making other arrangements, and finally embarking on the actual trip to arrive at their destination.
  • A new employee goes through a journey of signing the contract, a set of onboarding activities planned by the employer, and meeting their team for the first time.
  • A neighbour living next to a construction site files a complaint about noise levels during the night and interacts with the corresponding representatives from enterprises and authorities involved.
  • An investor attends the annual meeting of a company they bought shares from.


  • Promote an empathetic view of the people we are designing for/with.
  • Share insight and data about people's lives in a narrative scenario form that co-creators can relate to.
  • Spot opportunities and gaps to be addressed by our brands and products over time.
  • Clarify what steps people take.
  • Understand pain points and potential gains.

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